A Catholic, college-preparatory school, grades 7-12

Reflections from Mr. J

“Here I am, Lord; I come to do your will!”
A reflection by Mike Jeremiah, Campus Minister

From time to time, there are those in our BSM community who suggest that I begin a blog. I’ve never quite considered myself to be a “blog” kind of guy; but I should never rule out the possibility that one day that just might happen. For now, I will simply be content to, from time to time, offer reflections.

As most of you know, this year we are celebrating our 40th year, and I have been so very blessed in being a part of 39 of those years. When I began my ministry at BSM, the parents with whom I worked could have definitely, age wise, been my parents. That is definitely not the case these days.

We have seen so many changes: from notebooks to laptops; from a small chapel in the basement to a beautiful worship space around which our school is focused; from seven periods to eight; from a rugged trek to a sports field to an easy walk to an amazing new stadium. So many things have changed; but so many things have remained the same. The most important of those is our continued dependence upon our God. It is that dependence that has kept us vital and alive. It is truly God’s Spirit that has moved, and will continue to move, through these hallways and classrooms and playing fields.

We definitely live in a different world – a world of Facebook, of Twitter, of texting, of whatever new fad happens to come along. I have nothing against these new forms of communication, although I don’t see myself as ever “tweeting!” I just don’t think that people would be that interested in my shopping experiences at Sam’s Club to pick up supplies for a senior class retreat.

I’ve shared this story with my kids on retreat: I was going through the check out at Target, buying, what else, retreat supplies. As the girl was scanning my items, my cell phone rang, and I simply turned it off. She stopped and said, “Thank You.” I didn’t quite understand what she meant; so when I asked, she said that so many times people go through her line, talking on their cell phones and not even noticing that she exists. She said she might as well just be automated. There was simply no personal touch.

We all desperately need that personal touch. I think that’s one of the many reasons why my numbers have increased on our class retreats. Kids need personal contact to know that they are not alone. They need personal encouragement that we all so desperately need to grow in relationship with God, with each other, and to come to a deeper understanding of who they are in God’s plan. Believe me, I’ve been a witness to so many miracles over the years as we’ve gathered on retreats at Camp Ihduhapi.

That personal touch is so important, and that’s something that Benilde-St. Margaret’s has always offered. It’s something that I see every day as I walk through the hallways: faculty and staff members who give their all in not only teaching a subject, but in teaching about life and about faith with a deep care for each student they encounter; a student body with a deep care and concern for each other that extends far beyond class and grade, knowing that sometimes just a simple smile can make someone’s day.

So as we begin this new school year; as you drive into the parking lot for Round-up; as you drive through to drop off your students for the first day of class; as we all move through the days and months ahead of us, may we pause and briefly say, “Here I am, Lord. I come to do your will!” We may not know what these days and months will bring; but we do know that we go through them together as family – we go through them, knowing that our God is with us.

As for me, I continue to be so very blessed to be a part of the Benilde-St. Margaret’s experience. I plan to write monthly reflections; and who knows, there may even be a blog in my future. May God bless and keep you always. “Happy 40th Birthday, BSM!”

Mike Jeremiah, Campus Minister
a.k.a. Mr. J

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